Kid and Dog Friendly Landscaping

Pets, Wild Animals, and Plants

Some furry friends you may not want eating your plants. Plants that are deer-resistant are a must in spring. Birds are a wonderful sight and sound in the yard. Seed and suet feeders are always a draw. Also bird baths and houses add a nice touch and encourage their presence. Raccoons and squirrels can be a problem but with water motion sensors and hot wires we can keep them at bay without harm.

Raised beds are great for kids
​Raised beds are great for kids

Considerations for Livable Yards

You can have a yard that both kids and dogs can play in without being told to be careful. It all comes down to plant selection and placement.  Things we will consider are having a comfy mulch, pathways, border control, gentle hardscape, marking posts, sensible plants (flex without breaking; nontoxic), shade and shelter, changeable water source (keep it clean).

Customize Areas for Kids

Children need to play outside so having a climber or open area for them is a must. Introducing your children to plants and growing things will open their imagination and stay with them a lifetime.

Play areas are fun
Play areas are fun